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 We use technology in much of what we

do today. With this, we raised a question:


Why aren’t many kids exposed to coding

and what can we do to introduce this

skill to kids around the world?

Our mission is to introduce the world of

coding to young children.

Since 2020, Little League Coding has taught 10+ program cycles, reached 900 students, and taught 450+ students. Through our dedicated chapters, we have hosted numerous workshops and STEM fairs, with our selected coding leaders driving diverse communities across the country.


Our impactful initiatives have also led to new, valuable partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, amplifying our initial mission!


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Explore our chapters, vibrant communities where children collaborate on coding activities, workshops, and projects, fostering a love for technology from an early age. With chapters in several states and international regions, our initiatives aim to make coding accessible and enjoyable for young minds worldwide. 

Learn more about our programs, which include Zoom sessions and in-person workshops, designed

to introduce and educate

children to the exciting

world of coding. We provide a surplus of opportunities for

young learners to explore

and develop their skills.

Questions? Ask Away!

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SPONSORShips & Partners

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our incredible sponsors, grant providers, and community partners. Your generous support makes it possible for Little League Coding to offer free, high-quality computer science education to young children. 

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Donate now!

Visit our donation page to support our cause! We appreciate your contribution to CS-education equity!

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