HS Junior at AFSE - Future IT Programmer|Engineer - DEV Tech Lead

Coding Experiences:

StuyHacks - Coding Tournaments/Hackathons

3D Modeling in TinkerCat

Spence Hackathon

Enhanced Scratch Portfolio of 2 yrs

Lego League Competitions



Last year TS - Future Software Engineer|Cyber Security Analyst

Coding Experiences:

Google Girl Power Robotics

Enhanced Scratch Portfolio of 2 yrs

Summer and Fall 2020 Coding Bootcamp

Python/Java Script/Arduino Coding Exploration




HS Junior SVF - Future IT Game Developer|UI/UX Designer

Coding Experiences:

NYU IOT Internship

3D Modeling in Blender

Canva/Wix Online Designing 

NY Historical Coding Camp

Enhanced Scratch Portfolio of 1.5 yr

Here are our current program teachers​!