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Hello, I'm Skyler— a student, a mentor, and an enthusiast of computer science. You may ask: how is one a student and a mentor? Well, I am a junior, a highschooler making an effort to keep up with numerous online assignments and their nearing due dates. To be honest, it's quite stressful.

At the same time, I am a guide, someone who has coached, instructed, volunteered to help people ranging from children to senior citizens. Assisting a variety of people with their technology, math homework, and even learning at the NYBG has sincerely opened my eyes to how gratifying it feels to serve the community.  

And finally, I am an enthusiast of computer science. Why? Because computer science is having the ability to be creative and logical at the same time. It comes from patterns, rules, and principles but holds the nature of building something abstract, something completely new. And I've fallen in love with the freedom. My goal is to help the next generation develop a love for coding like mine, and further, a love for learning. 

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We are so excited to get to know all of our program participants, so get to know us first!

Hi, my name is Morgan.  

Hi, my name is Morgan.  Ever since elementary school, I was interested in coding because I knew that you could build anything with code.  However, I never fully dedicated myself to learning how to code because I always thought it was too hard or that I was too young to understand code.  During this unfortunate pandemic time I thought to take a leap of faith and enhance my learning.  Once I started, I never looked back because I understood the power of code and computer science.  This past summer, I asked my parents if there was a way that I could share my knowledge about coding with other children.  Knowing that I could change the world with coding made me want to help others to learn how to change the world.  Now I'm asking you to take a leap of faith by learning how to code with us!  Always remember, the sky's the limit!  No one is too young to learn how to code!



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